Sunday, 26 January 2014

MFLTwitterati Runners

Running. I love it. And I sometimes find myself angry that I let the amount of work I have to do prevent my run from happening.
I normally sign myself up for a race as motivation, as a kick up the bum. Otherwise I am a slave to homework.

This is where #Jantastic is really helping. Just a small run is enough. And knowing there are others out there, who are part of your virtual team, is incentive enough.
This morning I set off at 9ish. It started to rain, but I love running in the rain.

The Punch Bowl is 1.2miles from my door. Once I get there, there is a fab choice of routes. Today I ran a different route, and had horses for company for the first 30mins. The mile of uphill is hard work, especially on loose stones. But so satisfying.

Once I was up above the old A3 on the tarmac path, I began to see other people out. It was pouring by then, but it hadn't deterred the walkers (with and without dogs) and cyclists, who exchanged cheery 'good mornings' with me as I ran past. You feel kindred spirits with these folks, a silent acknowledgment of being a member in an unwritten club.

I love running. Days like today remind me of that.

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