Monday, 1 April 2013

Absence makes the heart grow stonger, I am sure

Right. So here I am. Back again. And this time I know it's for real.

Moving house, no internet until 22nd and an incredibly, ridiculously busy first week back meant that blogging was a secondary priority. For this I am sorry.

I have had a lot of fun since


The original Tweet from @DeutschAkademie

Guess who's back

Where have you been? Well I have been here...

Ok, ok... maybe it was the madness of the term and the not getting very used to the new blog site that kept me away. But I now have 2 weeks of less homework to try to get to grips with this.

It was the uploading of pictures that was causing bother. Shall keep trying on that one.

I have been working today, just to chip away at the mountain. I have put together a lesson-by-lesson revision plan by topic for Year 11s. Now to come up with motivating games and tasks. We can do this!

In the meantime, I feel I ought to stop now, and lie on the sofa for a while. Because it is Easter Monday.