Monday, 9 March 2015

POG Task with Bloom #ililc5

A quick addition, in my quest to carry on developing ideas...

At ililc5 (see my previous few blogs) I talked about our POG groups (Colour Differentiation groups) and Bloom's Questioning, and how that can fit into teaching MFL.

Above is a grid set up for a Running Dictation, using a text from Echo 1, for Year 7. To summarise the POG groups, POG stands for Purple Orange Green, and the students are allocated to their groups based on their end of year target level:
I am very conscious that we don't always use the right wording in our questioning, because students are working in a different language. But while we are asking the students to refine their language learning skills, I continue to develop how we stretch and challenge the students.
In case the picture of the POG grid isn't clear, the instructions for the running dictation are:

1. Identify which 2 adjectives  are used to describe each teacher:

2. Recognise which teacher is described with 3 adjectives?


3. Solve the mystery – How many linking words are used? 

Which ones are they?

4. Put the teachers in order of which you’d prefer to be taught by. Justify your order with reasons (in English.


5. Criticize the paragraph about Herr Heumann – why is it only a level 2?

6. Compose a better version of  Frau Schütte’s paragraph

I am using this tomorrow - will let you know!

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