Tuesday, 2 June 2015

der Grüffelo - getting the mice engaged

So this half term we have 4 weeks until we 'rollover' to the new timetable. Last half term all students in KS3 sat their end-of-year exams, which means now our focus is totally on skills, challenge and engagement, rather than levels.

(As background, Years 7 and 8 have been on a carousel of language-learning this year, which has been a challenge (a positive one), which means the students don't know one single language thoroughly. Instead, they have tasted French, German and Spanish, and they have now chosen the language they want to focus on from the new year onwards.)

Therefore, we (the MFL dept) worked together to create mini-projects that would cover the 4 weeks of June, continue to challenge the students and ensure they used their language skills.

For Year 9, we are focusing on Burkina Faso, and the outcome of the project will be based on their colour groupings (see a number of my previous posts).

In Year 8 we are working on a unit based on Talent Shows.

Year 7s are working on a Gruffalo project, which has so far been very well received.

The first 2 lessons have been based on the Gruffalo song (song 3) (available to anyone who wants it!):

Text analysis a-go-go, students' knowledge of the Gruffalo book helps but certainly isn't essential.

Students have started to create their own Gruffalo songs, with support from a writing frame, and we even reached the sunny heights of um...zu.... phrases - after only a term of German. The lessons have been filled with challenge, and the students have been much more engaged. A good thing about this project is we are trialling it for the new curriculum for year 7 in September. 

Below is an example of today's work, from a student who struggles with literacy skills and who needs support regularly. No support (other than the writing frame) was given. Happy times!

Once the students have written their own version of the song, we will be focusing on compound nouns for all the foods that the Gruffalo likes to eat!

I shall keep you posted!


  1. I love this! I've got a couple of year 7 classes next year with a similar carousel structure so think i'll try something like this, what other activities do you do with the book?