Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Raise your glass

As I sit here, on the first day of 2014, with the rain lashing down and the wind howling around my home, I flick through the 2013 calendar that I have just replaced with the new one. All I have written on there is the name of the person/people I am going out with on the dates, holidays and adventures. And for someone who feels that their life is completely dictated to be the overwhelming burden of work in term time, I actually seemed to have also maintained a good balance of friends and family in my life.

Yet I still don't feel it is enough. I feel that I am a slave to work every week night. Which is something I want to really stop. I want to put a stop to the get-home-put-laptop-on-make-a-cuppa-get-changed-carry-on-working habit. I will be doing my best, with the help of Jantastic, to change my routines.

I went on a PixL course at the start of December. The first session I went to had me despairing about how education is becoming a data-driven world, and the second session left me questioning my chosen (and beloved) profession. I left the course rather envying the hundreds of people around me who, quite probably, never have to do any work once they are at home.

Which wasn't the point of a CPD day. They should leave you bursting with enthusiasm and positivity.

Which is what I am looking forward to in February. #ililc4, to be precise. Not only is it the best CPD in town, it is also the chance to meet up with the beloved #MFLTwitterati. Every member is worth their weight in gold!

I was listening to an interview with Esther Rantzen last week about loneliness. She was talking about the stigma of being alone, and the burden that it may also bring with it. Talking about life after losing her husband, she said "I have plenty of people to do something with, just nobody to do nothing with." Very poignant and honest interview. Friends and family are so important to me, to help enrich my life. Given that my friends have now banned me from finding a potential mate, given my lousy track-record, it is to them I turn for the company and love! 

A few (too many) people have asked me recently if I had ever or would ever want children. Now I am 40 (not for much longer!) I am beginning to feel that the chance is passing me by. That has been a slight shadow over the last 2 weeks, but no way enough to hamper the lovely family Christmas I have had. My oldest and dearest friend has offered me his swimmers, but he is having the snip in 2 weeks' time. So I may have missed that boat!!!

But ultimately, 2014 needs to be filled with the same ingredients as last year. Friends and family. Adventures and rewards to counter-balance the hard work and long hours of work. Music. Laughter. Happiness.

Which I wish upon you all. In bountiful amounts. Today's choon is for us all to raise a glass to. 2014 started in my brother's kitchen, dancing to choonages. Later on in the morning, I was singing this in the kitchen, and the boys were jumping up and down with me. Choon!


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