Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Post-it Game

This is a very simple game, and I have every confidence you have all been there, done that!

Another speaking game, this time the objective was to reinforce the structures covered in the topic of World of Work, to describe what they do in their part-time jobs, and to increase their confidence with questioning.

They stuck post-its on each other's foreheads, on which they had written a job, and the person with the post-it on their head had to ask the question "Muß ich.....?" to try to work out what job was written on the post-it.

Engagement - Tick
Improved word order - Tick
Improved pronunciation - Tick
Laughing children - Tick

As a wrap-up task, the students then wrote 5 clues using the same structure in their books. When I mark their books, I have to guess what job they are describing.

That way, I told them, marking is more fun for me!


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