Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Buzzword Bingo #3 - The New Curriculum

At the start of this half term we had an Inset Day at school, and a large part of the day was dedicated to the development and preparation of the New Curriculum for September. The rubbish part is that I couldn't drive, so wasn't there. But I did put together ideas to start my department thinking.

My thoughts as they hit the page:

  • I see it as a great opportunity to further develop the way students learn languages. 
  • I don't think that any one unit should be taught the same way each year. Students change with each cohort, relevance changes.
  • I believe that all Schemes of Work should already be altered, depending on the length of the half terms and on the students each year. So creating a new curriculum needn't  and shouldn't be such a shock.
  • Something that needs a huge improvement with our students is the fluency and independence in speaking the TL. That is something that the new SoWs will need to address, and I will continue to seek different ways of doing this. 
Some useful insights into the new curriculum are below. If you know of any other links, please can you leave them in the comment box, or tweet them for me.

Rachel Hawkes website
Rachel Hawkes in TES
Frenchteacher blog

I am organising a get-together at my school in Bracknell for MFL teachers to chat about the new curriculum, to share ideas and to make more sense of it all. Moreover, to come together so that we all know we are going to be ready for September, and that we are doing right by our own students.

If you are interested, I will be publishing the date soon!

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