Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Who lives in a house like this?

Year 11 continue to fill me with smiles.

This lesson was fab. I felt utterly redundant. A colleague walked by and said "You've set the auto-pilot and the plane is still in the air and flying", because I was doing absolutely nothing. The kids were very in control, very motivated, working brilliantly in pairs, and needed little intervention from me!

The focus of the lesson was to improve their accuracy and confidence with prepositions, especially with the dative case.

So, armed with mini-whiteboards, students watched the clip twice (muted so they concentrated on the visuals) and noted down everything that they saw - what was where, description of the rooms, making sure that they used prepositions. They did this in English, as there was an awful lot of information to take down.

They then worked in pairs to create the narrative in German. Off they went. They were totally motivated, totally focused. So fab to watch.

After 15 minutes I played the clip again, to let them see if they had missed anything out. It also gave them the chance to see if their sentences were long enough. So it helped them to consider editing and filling narrative.

They were keen to stand at the board and point at things that they were describing.

A huge benefit of this is that they were self-policing with the dative case, and helping each other out. They were also finding the vocab out for themselves, which has so much more value than me giving it to them.

Massive thumbs up. Their rewards?

Who lives in a house like this?

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