Thursday, 13 February 2014

Buzzword Bingo #2 AfL

So. AfL. I really am launching the buzz words this month!

I wanted my Year 12s to read each other's essays, and offer feedback, but I wanted a different way to do it. Casting my mind back to #TMWave in December, and thinking about the item in the 100 Ideas book, I decided to give Post-Its a go. (There is shortly going to be a shortage in the shops, following @valleseco's bit at Show and Tell at #ililc4!).

In short, I chose 4 different colours. The essay was about Mass Tourism. I had read through the essays, so chose 4 categories that I wanted them to focus on, which areas of the essay needed development.

Yellow = Advantages of Mass tourism - www/ebi
Pink = Disadvantages of Mass Tourism - www/ebi
Green = Intro and conclusion - www/ebi
Blue = Range of structures - www/ebi

Task 1 = Students read through a peer's work and completes a peer assessment/reflection using the post-its

Task 2 = Students read through their peer's comments on their own work, and commit to the changes/improvements they are going to make to their work in the next draft.

Task 3 = Teacher assesses in the same way, using the post-its.

As a three-step assessing for improvement, it has worked really well. We then watched a short report about Mass Tourism, to give them more ideas for the content, and they are now redrafting again.

Considering the group has missed out on a lot of quality teaching, they are doing brilliantly.

And this was a great way to peer assess. Plus the books look pretty.

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