Monday, 10 February 2014

#ililc4 Subtitle Yourself - James Gardner

Forever in the search of ways to engage students, and now on the start of my AS teaching adventures, I was very keen to attend James Gardner's subtitling session at #ililc4, because everyone had spoken so positively about it last year.

James used to work in the subtitling world, so was keen to harness the resource in his teaching. He believes that subtitles can be used for a number of reasons:
  • They help students to develop transcribing skills
  • Videos can be made, and peers (or self) can watch the videos and translate or write captions for the performances
  • Using videos and captions can allow teachers to give access of videos to students
  • They can be used to create funny stories or videos, to encourage and develop creativity and imagination in students
It is a really good way for students to listen to Target Language and capture the essential bits of vocab and structures.

The website that James introduced us to was which can access YouTube videos, but the finished subtitled file can't be carried back over to YouTube. They can, however, be accessed on Amara.

I am very sure that James will make his presentation available, but I most certainly will use this in the future. I chose a video on YouTube at random, which was a Harry Potter trailer in German, and went for it. It took me maybe 20-25 minutes? It was exceptionally straight forward, and by the end of it, I wanted to watch the film. And I am not a Potter fan!

Here is the link to my subtitled video, and I highly recommend it. Harry Potter with Subtitles ELA

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