Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Pay It Forward

A small pastoral intermission in amongst all the MFL and #ililc bits and pieces. I hope you don't mind.

Tutor time activity, to encourage positivity amongst KS4 students and to continue to support their socialisation. It also addresses the problems with NekNominiations that are sweeoping the world at the moment. Gladly, my tutees' responses mainly covered the "But they're idiots, Miss." response.

1. Show them the trailer for Pay It Forward, so they understand the idea.

2. Discuss NekNominations. Show them a positive response to NekNominations, for example:

3. Students then spend 5-6 minutes writing a ThankYou note to a teacher, to start them off on their 3 Pay It Forward acts.

Today we have KS4 tutors delivering notes to staff. These are some of the ones I received:

And my particular favourite:
You're amazing.

So thank YOU for all you do to inspire those around you. You truly are fantastic.

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